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Thanks, Amanda I appreciate that! And also I'm glad you commented on that line because I see now that I misworded it a bit lol Fixed!

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Apparently, it’s what I wanted.

To be stricken with the spell. To deal with the daily duel of fencing with my lesser instincts.

I always wanted to be the sort of artist that had a direct line to that otherworldly woo-woo, but I know now I wasn’t prepared for its insidious monkey’s paw nature when it comes to the unseen prices you have to pony up.

I was never an amazing artist.

Decent, but not particularly noteworthy. The potential was there, but so too was a vacant maw where my self-esteem should have been. …

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And then I saw
the primal crawl
One shot, two screws loose
Final Maw
Big speech to the void
and the graveyard shawl
It’s the Ouija Bee Gees
Way I Walk

Eyes to the blackboard
Haunted chalk
Got a see-through frame
from the spine to the stalk
I’m a synapse specter
no need to gawk
Got bored with the cage
so I made like a hawk

Then again

I remain here tempest bound but seated in skin, made of static and bloody saltwater Because on the coast it’s death by a thousand papercuts From the pages you read and forgot…

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Still-shot from a very funny animated short narrated by Patrick Stuart. Worth the watch!

I’ll cut straight to it and admit that this is in no way an admission to being a regular nose-diver into the abysmal catacombs of the damned.

Nothing so treacherous.

Instead, it’s a parallel being made between the casting out of God’s most swoony of angels and the same primal urges we hold within us that sees blind obedience to the mass mind as utterly detestable. It cuts through us like hunger pangs and our only natural recourse to any inhuman request made by an imposing authority becomes a resounding “NO.”

That was an oddly shaped piece of drift I…

All the joys of friendship, without the traffic.

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Sometimes it can be hard not to think that something is missing from your life when things are going relatively smoothly for you.

I seem to fluctuate between the feeling of empowerment from taking control of my life and making progress in the areas I care about, and the soul-crushing anxiety of knowing nothing really matters all that much. *cue the existential dread.

One day can be full of contentment and gratitude that the life we’re living is so full of wonder and opportunity to accomplish great things, and sometimes within that same day you revert back into wondering what…

Work on one idea, don’t think about a million

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Don’t get me wrong, new ideas are the bread and butter of creative folk as well as the world at large, but you can’t continually sustain yourself on new ideas that don’t offer you any real-world change.

Too many ideas not backed up by action can be dangerous. They become baseless and tinted with the darker shade of the romantic.

I’ve always had a problem with romanticizing. I inflate ideas, people, jobs, emotions, you name it. It’s not that I don’t know what I’m doing, I just can’t help but do it, regardless. …

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During this venture into the world of self-actualization and personal improvement, a lot of us can find ourselves feeling so caught up in keeping the train moving that we forget to slow down and enjoy the scenery we’re blazing past.

We forget to have a life while trying to build a life.

Growth is great. Progress? Fantastic. But what’s it all really for if you’re unable to step back from yourself and appreciate where you are and how far you’ve come?

It’s a wonderful thing to renovate the House of Self, but if you get too distracted building new sections…

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Oh, it’s telling
When you look for an excuse to create
Knowing you should without one
Knowing you should scratch
in anticipation of the itch
and not as a consequence of it
That you should dig
without promise of treasure
or expectation
of golden revelry

You should
buy your time
saving it in deposits
like acorns hoarded
in the cheeks of a squirrel
Nibbling on forgotten moments
bit by bit
in the same way
we forget the day
as the seconds slide through the eye
and each step crumbles
just before we find our footing
on the next

I wrote…

I spent five years high so you don’t have to.

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A pocket of my past deserves a little more credit than I’m normally willing to give it.

It’s not something I’m eagerly forthcoming about, but it’s played a big part in both the benefits and detriments I experience to this day due to that old life.

It’s not that I’m so ashamed of it that I refuse to ever speak of it, but it’s not necessarily the go-to for causal dinner conversation. When the subject does somehow come up, it’s more of a reluctant revealing instead of an exciting presentation.

Like a soldier being asked about their body count. They…

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Sometimes it can feel like a futile effort when you’re spending your day trying to catch up to the initial burst of motivation you may feel upon awakening on a good morning.

It happens all the time.

Once you get some momentum going with your productivity levels and optimism regarding your routines and habits, you might start to notice that going to bed at night isn’t as stressful as it used to be. You finally feel like you have a pretty good idea about how you’ve structured your day/week and aren’t as stressed out anymore. …

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