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  • Michael Catesby

    Michael Catesby

    Writer of spec fiction, humor, SF, fantasy, and genre-defying, often incoherent, works of self-proclaimed genius.

  • Anne


  • Frank T Bird

    Frank T Bird

    Former British citizen sent to Australia for crimes I didn’t commit. As yet unenlightened. Enquiries: franktbird@protonmail.com. No spam you fuckers.

  • Beth Bach

    Beth Bach

    Figuring out life in Austin, Texas. 20-yr veteran cat rescuer and all-around animal lover who is happiest outside. https://bethbach.medium.com/membership

  • Ana Michelle

    Ana Michelle

    Mental Health advocate. Writer. Topics: mental health, mindfulness, life lessons

  • Zuri Pommerenk

    Zuri Pommerenk

    Poet & photographer documenting my “too intense” self. My mission is to move & be moved. And, be real. Buy me a coffee? https://ko-fi.com/zurip

  • Syed


    I hack websites. Simplifying Crypto and Web3. Socially Awkward.

  • Wil Wheaton

    Wil Wheaton

    Wizard. Time Lord. Fake geek girl. On a good day I am charming as fuck.

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